Livechat Advantages

Author: John Smith

Each time is more difficult for retail businesses excel. The supply is increasing and national borders are disappearing. As a result, users can make purchases anywhere and are already restricted in their environment. The price or quality would be a distinctive factor, now stand out is much more necessary. LiveChat is an example of this. Here you can read more about the advantages of LiveChat and what it implies.

Clients attribute increasing value to qualitative factors. When buying a product, they no longer only look at the price or quality, but also the experiences of the users and the customer service. A study carried out by the consultancy Walker shows that by 2020 brands will distinguish themselves from their competitors by optimizing customer experiences. As a result, the price and quality are placed more in the background.

Why use LiveChat?

Livechat Advantages

The mobile age is making us more and more connected. Communication is done not only through traditional channels, LiveChat, blogs, chat banners and online forums. Customers can reach you in many different ways. Of all these communication channels, LiveChat is better qualified. Companies that do not use LiveChat still run the risk of losing customers, but very valuable data is also lost. LiveChat shows where things go wrong in the customer’s way and our experienced chat operators can find out what the customer’s needs are. This data can be used at a later stage to continue acquiring potential customers.

Advantages of LiveChat: increase in purchases.

There have been many studies on the abandonment of visitors in the shopping cart online. The Bayard Institute has collected data from 31 different surveys and concludes that the average dropout rate is 68%. A high percentage, which can be avoided by LiveChat. 57% of this group completes the purchase. Many of these questions are about the product, the delivery methods, the price and the return information.

A BI Intelligence report shows that 63% of abandoned shopping carts can be saved. This is very important, because a small decrease in the abandonment percentage can already lead to a large increase in billing. When an abandonment percentage of 60% can be reduced to a percentage of 56%, this already means a 10% increase in sales. LiveChat can make a great contribution to this. The chat can be accessed and personal contact ensures that chat operators can answer your questions quickly. This reduces the percentage of licenses and increases sales.


Customers spend more

  • Livechat Advantages
    Livechat Advantages

    LiveChat makes it possible to generate more income without having to search for new clients. A chat operator can do this in the following ways:

  • Cross selling: chat operators can recommend additional products in a chat. For example, an SD card when buying a camera.
  • Upselling: Advice on better and more expensive products.
  • Reduction of sales: the reduction of sales does not directly affect a higher purchase price, but it can cause the consumer to buy something.
  • Special offers: consumers are more likely to buy something on offer.

Lower costs

Many companies have customer service or ask one of the employees to answer questions in addition to their usual work. However, this can be done much more efficiently. Each phone call costs time and time is money. A chat operator can answer several questions at the same time, and your employees can continue to focus on their own work.

Increase in billing

Ultimately, all the benefits described will lead to greater turnover. The use of LiveChat ensures that fewer shopping carts are abandoned. However, there are many other advantages that must be mentioned. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of LiveChat? Then, contact us without obligation or talk with one of our employees.