How to Make the Most out of Your E-Commerce Store (and Not Die from Work Overload)

you’re an eCommerce store owner waking up on Black Friday morning. You’ve been preparing the promotional campaign for a few weeks or months ahead. Now it’s the time for busy weeks to come, likely with a few additional part-time employees hired. So how does this period look in real-life for an e-commerce store?


According to Ned from Not Another Bill, an online store selling gift sets:

“day is pretty chaotic, we do all the fulfillment in-house so during busy days/weeks its a melting pot of stamp licking, customer service, monogramming, papercuts, packing and high fiving the postmen coming to collect the daily parcels.”

What are the most common business problems during Holiday peak season?

The total US retail e-commerce sales have already reached more than USD 125b each quarter. To give you a rough idea of the scale, it’s close to the whole GDP(Gross Domestic Product) generated by a well-developed country, like Sweden.

Holiday Season Chart

According to RJMetrics, November and December drive 30% more e-commerce revenue than non-hhttps://www.utalkto.comoliday months and this Holiday period supplies 50-100% more revenue compared to the shopping days throughout the rest of the year. Knowing this, we could say that there are 4.2m average cars sold during this period.

This sales seasonality impacts whole retail and online space industry with the period being the busiest time for entrepreneurs.

Plan your logistics and divide responsibilities

Nobody can prepare for every problem or issue that arises during the Holiday Shopping season. There are simply things we’re not able to predict, like an electricity outage, massive products’ default or delivery delays. Still, make sure you’re in control of the issues which can be managed.

This means planning ahead some of your activities and dividing responsibilities wisely. To plan specific actions, you can simply use Google Calendar. If you’re looking for more advanced ways to manage your projects, you can use project management tools, like Trello or Asana.

Focus on what really matters

It’s easy to become tired and unmotivated when you have so many things on your mind. And while the advice to focus on the main thing might seem obvious and non-sophisticated, it’s often a nightmare, especially to smaller e-commerce businesses.

Handling many things at once, it’s easy to forget about the most important ones – our customers who are there in need of the best customer service possible. To make your customer support work, it’s not only worth to equip ourselves with the best possible customer service tools but also to keep ourselves motivated. So make sure your team gets a good sleep. After all, these are the people on your team who will decide about your Holiday’s campaign success.

Maximizing the profits, minimizing the effort

If you still believe the amount of work you put into your business during Holiday time translates into more profit or sales earned, why don’t you test another approach? Sometimes shifting your efforts towards planning ahead of time and optimizing your workmight make you and your team more productive.

So equip yourself with any additional resources you need, plan your work ahead and maximize your Holiday Season’s efficiency. LiveChat, integrated with your online store is one of the customer support tools to help you but it’s you and your team who will handle the tool and will need to provide an excellent customer service.