Some lead generation strategies

Author : Andrea @cliengo

So, if the potential customers are the people who leave information available for your database , the strategies to get more potential customers are aimed at increasing this base .

Next, we will review some lead generation strategies that pursue this goal. ?

But what is the lead generation ? The expression lead generation refers to a set of strategies designed to make people interested in your company. So that, when they arrive at your website, they want to know more -and for that matter, leave your data. (As we said a moment ago, a potential client is the person who leaves their data to be contacted, hence the name of these strategies).

The idea behind the lead generation is to build a more friendly and attractive business that knows how to leave behind tedious and annoying strategies (such as cold calls) and conveys attraction and value for users .

There is a huge variety of practices that aim to increase the ability to retain personal data of visitors; then, we will review some of those that show good effectiveness. ?

Online content

Online content

Content marketing is a marketing that aims to talk to people – to discuss a conversation with them. In general, when a person is interested in a business, the transition to buying decant in a much more natural way . Therefore, trying to summon people through content marketing or inbound marketing is an excellent way to generate more potential customers.

Within content marketing we can find different options, but the purpose is always the same: Generate relevant content for our users.

Some Content Marketing strategies are:

  • Create a blog and write articles
  • Perform webinars
  • Share audiovisual material, such as videos.
  • E-books
  • Share content of interest in our Social Networks

Landing pages

Essentially, landing pages are pages of simple design and less complex than that of traditional websites. Its simple design aims to capture potential customers.

Generally, these pages offer something in exchange for the contact of people, usually integrated into content marketing strategies: an e-book, a webinar, a free class or some other type of lead magnet that is tempting and adds value to the user.


Another important lead generation strategy is conversational marketing .

The statistics show us that people are more willing to leave their data if they are attended within the first 5 minutes of the visit to a certain website. Therefore, if we consider that the goal of your company is to get more potential customers (or, what is the same, get data from people who come to your site), a chatbot with artificial intelligence is a convenient option.

A chatbot will help your site to capture the data of the visitors, as well as not to lose sales opportunities. Maybe you’re interested in going through here to see how to use conversational marketing to capture leads and turn them into contacts.

CRM software

Lastly, we must highlight the important role of marketing automation as a lead generationstrategy .

Marketing automation (the automation of certain parts of the sales process) not only has the potential to streamline the tasks of small and medium enterprises; It can also serve as a strategy to generate leads.

Some marketing automation tools are, as we said above, conversational marketing (yes, chatbots are a way to automate processes!), But also lead scoring and CRM software integration.

The CRM ( customer relationship manager ) software provides very useful tools for generating leads (for example, the possibility of creating lists of potential customers or creating automatic alerts of potential customers to assign them to sales representatives).

For its part, lead scoring streamlines the process of scoring potential customers according to their place in the sales funnel and their ability to become customers.