ways to increase the average purchase in your online store

Author : Bruno Roldan

Your online store begins to look like stagnant and in a matter of economic profits, every month is the same. A remedy aims to get more traffic and therefore more purchase orders from your site. But for some owners, this can mean more work and more expenses.

Alternatively and sometimes considered as a better option, customers are expected to add more products to their cart and, of course, buy them.

In the next blog post I will share five strategies that can help sales to increase the average value of purchase order from your online store , making your customers to pay more bulky carts purchase.

The first thing is, what do we mean with average purchase order value?

It is the average amount of money that each client ends up spending per transaction. You can calculate it using the following formula:

Total earnings / number of orders = average purchase value

For example, if the total earnings of your online store is $ 1700 and divided into 100 orders, the average order value equals $ 17. You can search for apps that help you calculate it directly in our app store .

To increase the average purchase value, you need to convince customers to add more products to the cart before making the payment. Let’s talk about how to achieve this.


1. Recommended products

Occasionally, customers focus on buying one of your products so they neglect to search for other products. This generates small shopping carts and as a result, equal purchase orders .

To help you solve the problem, try adding recommended products directly on the payment page. Publicize popular products or other customers they have previously purchased may not only minimize friction during the payment process, can also increase the average value of purchase order .

To illustrate this point, I share what Barberry Coast has done with my shopping cart, after including one of its products. This is an excellent sales technique and strategy , especially if the customer is interested in making the purchase, so it will not bother you to purchase other products.

2. Show relevant accessories or complementary products


Like the previous sales strategy , this advice involves adding products as a suggestion, directly on your product page. In this case, instead of just suggesting random products, already popular in your store, you can choose products that can be complemented with the products that the customer has already added to your shopping cart. They can be accessories or accessories. For example, a mouse if you buy a computer or a battery for a remote control.

3. Establish a loyalty program

If your online store sells consumer products (something that customers have to buy back, such as razors or shaving creams), consider creating a reward or loyalty program. Loyalty programs act as a retention strategy , helping to forge relationships between customers and brand, as well as helping to increase the average value of a purchase order from your online store .

When there is an incentive for your customers to earn points through a loyalty program, you can expect to see that the average value of purchase orderincreases significantly. Sweet Tooth found that stores that added rewards for orders 15% -20% above the average in the store , can get customers to spend more.

It may seem intuitive to offer a program that provides discounts (which cuts your income), but in a study conducted by Center for Retail Management of Nortwestern University and according to BigDoor , found that loyal customers can generate 70% of total sales. In addition, a survey conducted by TechnologyAdvice found that customers are more likely to shop at stores that have a loyalty program .

Creating a loyalty program for your online store is easier than you think. Check the Shopify app store to find excellent apps, which can surely help you.

4. Packaged products or customized packages

If you want customers to pay for more products, create packages of products that cost little if the products are purchased individually. By putting these products together, you are effectively increasing the value of the perceived transaction. This is what a satisfied customer receives from using this advantage. According to a study conducted by the Faculty of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University , this can help increase sales.

For example, recommend another complementary product and offer a discount when finishing the purchase, as SafeSleeve does with its laptop backpacks and cell phone covers .